Erchonia PL5000:

This wavelength specific 3LT® laser is the leader in the field of photon therapy, and promotes optimal cellular function by stimulating the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell). This enhanced cellular function can have a profound and far-reaching effect on the body.

It is used to produce a wide-range of health benefits including pain relief, decreased inflammation, strengthened immune system, enhanced wound healing, amongst others. The Erchonia PL5000 has a specific, patented design with four diodes the emit variable frequencies to be able to treat many different types of conditions.

Furthermore, it is certified in accordance with ISO quality, laser, and medical device standards. Treatments consist of shining two fine lines of red light over the affected region of the body for up to 15 minutes. Because of the low energy level produced by the Erchonia laser, no heat or physical sensation is generated allowing for optimal patient comfort and healing potential.

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